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Constipated Christians!

September 22, 2017

So…I confess, been having the worst constipation of my life!

Yeah! I eat but n’thing is coming out!😂😂😂.
If you have suffered from constipation you know it’s not pretty!

So I woke up to this note next to the bed…and I had to laugh out loud because well, the man has seen that the situation is getting serious!

…Then it got me thinking…How many of us are constipated Christians or simply born again but constipated?

You go to church, probably in ministry, singing hallelujah on top of your lungs but never bear any fruit for us or people to see?

You see, the Bible clearly states that you shall know them by their fruits, not the number of Bible studies they go to, or what they never miss in Church. Of course it’s good to have all that, it cultures discipline, but are you a CONSTIPATED CHRISTIAN.

You have nothing to give, you have nothing to show and your lifestyle is simply not anything to emulate.

Do you do what you do for people to rate you or it’s for Christ and Christ alone?
Do you live and walk by what you preach?

The Lord doesn’t expect perfection from us, He expects willingness.

Just like my hubby wrote this note, the Lord says, “Follow me, I will clean you up, and you shall be a light unto the world! ”

It was in my purview to eat those mangoes or not! At the end of the day, the benefit is to me.

Let’s not be constipated Christians. Let someone somewhere have a testimony of you. That yes, that brother loves the Lord. He is one controlled brother!

That sister loves the Lord. She walks in grace.
Cut the theatrics in Church!…who held the mic today, who lead praise and worship, who cleans the best, competition after competition and just weird drama!

Yield fruit in season. It’s about Christ. Not how many people will commend you for singing! (more so the lead worshippers)!

Trust me it’s a daily walk for me too!

..PS. I ate the mangoes. Doing very well now!😂😭😂.
Thanks hunnie!

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Daily Living


September 20, 2017

What if God doesn’t answer your prayers?
what if He says NO?
Will you still trust in him?

Often when we pray our focus is centered on how the Lord will do great and mighty things that our minds cannot fathom and, it’s okey.

He is a great God, doing above and beyond what is humanly possible.

But what if He doesn’t answer those prayers when you do need the answer(s) most? Will you still stand and be counted faithful till the end?

Many times have I tried to talk myself out of His will, given myself excuses of why He couldn’t answer me then, but the truth is, if he did, I wouldn’t have been here.

Deep down, when I search myself during my quiet time, in my own little introspection, I always come to the realization that His deal is always the best.

His way, as rugged as it be, it’s calmer.
His statues, conditional they might be, but as stubborn as I may be, they are easy to adhere to.
His acts, as mysterious as they may be, they are clearer.

I wouldn’t have anything to tell you because you see, it’s difficult to give something that you have never had.
It’s difficult to take someone to a place you have never been.
Yes the theory is one thing, but having the experience adds another dimension all together.

It’s easy to say, be submissive, until you have a husband who doesn’t care any bit about your progress.

It’s easy to say, wait on the Lord, but the struggle with fornication is real and you are a worshipper, praying day and night that the Lord will just but a moment deliver you from that Gordian knot.

It’s easy to say, pray harder for a baby, but the truth is, the more you pray, the more the bad reports, the more you miscarry.

I have been there, too many times, my faith shaken, my marriage shaken by the loss of three wonderful pregnancies.

I have been there, praying for a wonderful man, but holding onto wrong relationships, straying further away from the one who loved me first.

I know the burden too well, of praying and not getting answers.

God might not have answered your prayers the way you need Him too, but that’s not a cause for beating yourself up.

There’s nothing wrong with you. God has not forsaken you.
You don’t need to listen to them who think that you are not praying hard enough because the truth is, the Lord doesn’t have to answer and it’s okay.

The truth is, unanswered prayers, have nothing to do with you but everything to do with God.
The truth is, you do not need everything that you pray for.

The truth is, even the greatest teacher, our Lord and saviour, had one unanswered prayer, at the Garden of Gethsemane.
For his bitter cup wasn’t taken away, and He had to be obedient even unto death.

The truth is, prayers that go unanswered happen even to the very best of Christians, who are upright and straight in their ways.

Look at Paul, the Lord gave him a thorn in the flesh, to keep him from boasting.
Literal or not, it gave him an unrelenting pain, but he was given a higher purpose in His life.

I could say, he was a man after the Lord’s heart.
So, it’s alright for God not to answer your prayers.

I prayed for my dad to live, day and night I travailed before Jehovah Rapha yet God called him home.
I prayed for my pregnancies to hold, yet he slay me and allowed the miscarriages to happen.

I prayed that I would conceive, yet every test turned out to be negative.
I prayed, we prayed, we fasted and yet the Lord kept at it. Quiet.

I was tempted to be lost in the pain.
I doubted at times.
Until I realized that it’s alright for the Lord to say no, for He does have a higher purpose than I could ever imagine.

He makes no mistake.

So if the Lord hasn’t saved your husband yet, keep praying, do not stop, for He will save him sooner than you think.
It may not be in your time, but His.

If you are still trusting Him for a spouse, do trust and obey, patiently waiting, unrelentlesly.
It may not be in your time, but His.

If the hasn’t opened your womb yet, keep praying for don’t lose faith. He may give you a child or not, but the purpose He will give you, whichever way it goes, will be greater than you.
It may not be in your time, but His.

If the Lord hasn’t healed your parent, wife, husband, child or anyone close to you, do not lose faith. He might answer your prayers or not, nevertheless, He is still God.

Give Him the right to say No, or “just wait a little bit longer”, for He makes no mistake.


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Daily Living


September 20, 2017


His shoes are big…But yours are bigger…
YOU might wear them but YOU can’t walk in them, for the Lord knows YOUR work is to follow.

Consider this:

Imagine your hubby carrying everything in the bag. It’s of a certain capacity so something might fall off along the way and he would require you to pick it up for him.
Would you see those things if you were in front of him?

You will need to be keener than he is since you wouldn’t need him loosing anything along the way – things that you will need when you arrive at your destination.

You will need to help him place the bag in a certain way most times.
You will need to help carry that bag at times if he needs help.

At the end of the day, he will be held accountable by God in leading…
I will be held accountable by God in following…

He will answer to God for the direction given.
I will answer to God for helping ease the journey.

So what would I rather have?
A responsibility to follow or to lead?

Why do we fight to have that which God intended to be beautiful?

God knows I will be great at helping.
God knows I will be great in managing.
God knows I will be great in holding the family fabric together.
God knows that I will be great in picking up the fallen “things” along the journey.

He knows I will be great in interceding for my husband and children.
He knows His grace will be sufficient to sail me through tough times.
He knows I am equipped to strengthen him during hard times
He knows I am not calloused but can respond to circumstances with understanding, tenderness and love.

So why fight for a position that would never suit us?
Why do we fight to be predisposed to a “position” that only seeks to glorify our selfish nature, and negates the will of God?

His shoes are big…but yours are bigger…

I am not to compete with him but complement him.
I am not to impede his progress but aid him.
I am not to nag him but cooperate with him wholeheartedly.
I am to serve him as unto the Lord.

This morning ask of your actions _ Whatever you do, does it aid your husband or impede him?
Is your nagging impeding him?
Is your pouting hindering him?
Is your silence pushing him further away?
is your short temper making your marriage better?

The Lord asks us to submit to our husbands, not because he sees us as weak, but because it’s an assignment from the Lord, and He is sure we are strong enough to handle it.

The Lord asks us to submit to our husbands, that the word of the Lord may not be blasphemed i.e. [Discredited, dishonored].

I can testify more with my actions, that the way of the Lord is right.

So lets walk in the shoes that the Lord intended them to be for us.

You cannot fit in his shoes no matter what and he can’t fit in yours either.

Live a life of faith. For it is by faith that you BELIEVE that your husbands actions are governed by the Lord, and you PRAY, that the Lord will direct him.

The Bible says in Proverbs 21:1 “The king’s heart is like channels of water in the hand of the LORD; He turns it wherever He wishes.”

If you wish to change your husband’s heart, the answer lies with the Lord.

Let us be the helpers God called us to be.
Lets wear our shoes right!

#Marriageworks #Godspeed

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